Mindful Eating Made Easy

If you struggle to stick to diet plans or have a roller-coaster relationship with food, this simpler eating method may be for you.

We’ve all been there: settled on the sofa, deep into a box set and even deeper into a jumbo bag of crisps or a big packet of biscuits. But is it enjoyable? Probably not if you berate yourself for it afterward. Acts of mindless munching can happen at mealtimes too. Who’s familiar with a less-than-healthy lunch that’s grabbed in a rush and gobbled on the go? Or a 10 pm takeaway order, with the rest of the week spent being ‘good’ to make up for it?

An alarming 42% of Americans in 2020 are obese, with another 35% are overweight. With unhealthy lifestyle choices and negative eating habits being to blame, we clearly need to better our relationship with food as a nation. But, what if we discovered a way to eat what we love minus the guilt – without damaging our health or worrying about our waistlines? The secret seems to lies in the concept of mindful eating.

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